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PSHCE Programs
Bespoken workshops.

Bespoken PSHCE workshops which seeks to encourage critical reflection and promote positive decion making through the use of open questions, effective listening and fact-based opinions.

Social Pedagogy

Social Pedagogy is an academic discaplin that draws on core theories from various related discaplines, such as education, sociology, psychology and philosophy. Social Pedagogy practice is concerned with human beings’ learning, well-being and inclusion into society.


As a company we are a proud memeber of the PSHE Association, a growing community of PSHE education professionals,
in our aim to provide a high level of support to schools and colleges


“An astonishing level of understanding, particularly in their ability to understand how critical refelection can assist everyone involved in the fostering and social work task”

social worker, leicestershire & rutland



  • Humanistic Value base, e.g. respect, trust, unconditional appreciation.
  • Fundamental concept of children as equal human beings with rich and extraordinary potential, as competent, resourceful and active agents.
  • Inter-discaplinary theory combining concepts and models from sociology, psychology, education, medical sciences and social work.


  • Holictic education – education of head (cognitive knowledge), heart (emotional and spiritual learning) and hands (pratical and physical skills.
  • Holistic well-being – strengthening health-sustaining factors.
  • To enable children to grow up as self-responsible persons who take responsibility for their society. To promote human welfare and prevent or ease social problems.


  • Through providing opportunities for learning (“It is not possible to teach; but it is possible to create situations wherein it is impossible not to learn”).
  • By building strong and positive authentic relationships which are non-hierarchical.
  • By enabling children to empower themselves.
  • Working with head, heart and hands in the everyday, focussing on the here and now.

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