The Incident

On the morning of 27/08/2011 it had come to light that ‘A’ had met a man aged around 23 years old on ‘face book’ and run up a large phone bill talking to him.

Later in the day ‘A’ was allowed out to meet her friends but was told she had to return at 5pm, ‘A’ challenged this and said she would be home at 7pm, Mum stood firm and reiterated 5pm.

At 5pm ‘A’ failed to return, initially Mum thought she was just testing the boundaries and left it an hour, a little later (mum couldn’t be specific) when she had still not come in mum took all the younger children and  drove around looking for her. Mum visited her ‘usual’ haunts and known friends.

At around 7pm mum took the little ones home, put them in their pyjamas and asked one of their dads to sit with them while she drove around again.

At around 10pm mum was frantic, she made the decision to return home and call the police.