Child ‘A’ is a thirteen year old girl who lives at home with her mother, her sixteen year old half sister, her seven year old half twin sisters, and her 21 month old half sister.

There have been some incidents of concern in that ‘A’ has been truanting from school and following one of these occasions made an allegation of rape which was jointly investigated under the ‘All Wales Safeguarding Arrangements’  but no charges brought.

The Child is not an ‘open’ case to Torfaen social services.

There was an incident of shoplifting.

‘A’ has had disjointed contact with her birth father who has recently moved back to the area and was reported by mum to be colluding with ‘A’ and hiding some of her challenging behaviour.

Mum reported ‘A’ is wanting to have a baby.

‘A’ was due to have counselling as an outcome of the rape allegation, however, mum reported she had missed the first appointment because her car had broken down.

The home is clean but there are indicators of them living in poverty, such as no carpet, but grippers and strips of underlay. The wall paper is peeled off some walls and not others, all the windows were closed.

Mum did not have a photograph to give to police officers, however both mum and child ‘A’ have mobile phones and access to the internet.