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Breaking the Cycle is derived from a Welsh Government workstream; 'Improving Outcomes for Vulnerable People' 

The model and concept is currently being trialled by a Gwent multi-agency team and evaluated by Welsh Government.

 This multi-agency model has been adopted by a coalition of Gwent public sector services, including the five Gwent local authorities, Gwent Police, Aneurin Bevan Health Board, five Gwent educational authorities and a third sector debrief service which has been provided by Llamau. More recently one of the Gwent Housing agencies have signed up to the WASPI to test how working with housing will improve the system.

In 2016 the process was endorsed by an independent evaluation undertaken on behalf of Welsh Government  by Cordis Bright.

The report, commissioned by the Welsh Government on behalf of Gwent Police, found that the Hub is achieving its aims of improving the lives and outcomes of children who go missing, safeguarding children, and reducing the number of missing children episodes.

According to the report, the Hub’s success lies in the co-location of agencies, a shared risk assessment tool and an integrated IT system, all of which make the sharing of information, including police intelligence, easier. The independent de-brief and mediation service provided by Llamau, involving the young people in decisions that affect them and in the support their families receive and improving the knowledge and skills of practitioners are also identified as positive factors