The work undertaken by the Gwent Missing Children’s team has enabled us in Gwent to become effective in early identification and addressing of some lower level issues which may result in the child experiencing harm or escalate into concerning child protection matters.

The debrief service identifies these issues and will make appropriate referrals; these onward referrals could be to the voluntary sector such as bereavement services, group work to address bullying and self-esteem, or lower level keep safe work in relation to Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

We have our own mediation service as part of the debrief service, this element can address CSE issues and facilitate the parents/carers to effectively safeguard. We have realised that CSE and Modern Day Slavery/Trafficking are risks that can be missed by frontline workers in all sectors.

Relevant Links

All Wales Protocol - Safeguarding and Promoting the Welfare of Children who are at Risk of Abuse through Sexual Exploitation