Our Process

Every morning the police workers in the team will check Gwent Police systems and get the names of all children and young people who have been reported 'Missing' or 'Absent'.

The hub worker then contacts relevant stakeholders and examine their own agency IT system. So social workers look on their systems, health workers their systems and so on. It may be required to speak with parents and carers to obtain further information.

When all available information is gathered it is collated on one form, the MIRAF (Missing Individual Risk Assessment Form), this form includes a risk matrix which looks at the likihood of the child being absent/missing again and if they are the likely outcomes; from that the team agree the actions for any future episodes, for example it may be that a child can be left as absent for specific or on-going periods of time if the risks are deemed low, of it may be that the child needs to be reported to and responded to as high risk and missing on every occasion. The response will be individual to the child's risk levels, needs and history.

For cases open to a social service team the case holding social worker will be consulted obtain agreement of the risk assessment and prescribed response.
The team will decide if the child/young person will benefit from having an independent debrief interview with one of the third sector workers currently being provided by LLamau, to see if there are any issues that professionals don't know about. This additional information is fed into the risk assessment and shared with other professionals.

The risk assessment is then shared with other professionals via a share point facility.