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Breaking The Cycle offers support to individuals and families experiencing difficulties as well as offering training and intervention to organisations.

Who are Breaking The Cycle

Breaking The Cycle Consultancy Limited are a team of dedicated experts with years of experience in training and supporting youth and adult based organisations to achieve improved outcomes. We are able to provide these due to our broadly experienced staff bringing their knowledge gained from a background of work within areas such as the Justice System, Psychology, mental health and safeguarding.


Our Ethos

The person is placed front and centre in order to deliver outcomes which result in the best possible outcome for each person and organisation.
Our ethical principles are the values that set the ground rules for all that we do at BTC. As we seek to achieve responsible success, we will be challenged to balance these principles against each other, always mindful of our promise to stakeholders that we will deliver a service that is in the best interest for those who seek to use our specialist expertise.


Joanna Thomas

director of pa and pshce services

Joanna has an honours degree in Psychology, a masters in applied criminology and is a member of the British Psychological Society. For the last 20 years Joanna has worked directly with vulnerable individuals in a number of varied secure establishments. Joanna has experience as a substance misuse working within the Leicester Youth Offending Service offering 1:1 substance counselling to both adults and young people along with designing, developing and delivering substance awareness programs to young people, staff and the parents/carers of young people. Most recently, since 2015 Joanna has utilised her vast knowledge and expertise to develop and deliver a detailed and highly successful PSHCE program for schools, on issues such as bullying, peer pressure, substance awareness and emotional wellbeing, in addition to running parallel teacher and parent sessions on a number of these.


Simon Booth

director of Training

Simon has been working in the area of training and offering group intervention to adults with learning difficulties and young people from a range of backgrounds for over 20 years. Simon has been an active member of the Youth Offending Service for over 13 years, employed as a case manager, a group work coordinator and a operational manager. He has been a key partner in both the development and delivery of MAPPA training to the Police Force, Health Professionals, The Probation Trust and the Youth Offending Service. Additionally, he has been a principal trainer for a vast range of professionals in the active and competent management of high risk cases through the effective assessment of risk, developments of intervention plans and support with face to face intervention; addressing both the internal and external risk factors.

What can you expect from us.


 Collectively BTC management team have over 50 years experience offering a unique insight which regards to supporting individuals at risk. BTC was established in 2014 and is an award winning and innovative company.


PSHCE Programs

BTC are committed to developing the critical thinking skills of young people in a manner which is interactive and interesting.  It is essential that young people are encouraged to think for themselves whilst listening to others.



BTC have an extensive team from a range
of backgrounds offering true person-centred support which delivers outcomes.



BTC are award winning trainers offering outstanding training to both private and public sectors, covering an extensive range of areas which are critical to the customer with a view of improving outcomes and being inspection ready.


BTC ensure that social pedagogy is a critical component of everything we do in order to achieve true person-centred outcomes.
Person-centred practice is a key component of all relevant legislation and our aim is to bring the forefront of what we do.


“Breaking The Cycle have an excellent ethos and delivery, hence we use them every year to carry out refresher courses and our induction of new starters for full two weeks”

Happy Children’s Home Director – 2020


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